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 We wish to give a big PAWS up to our anonymous benefactors as well, 

Thank you.

Thank you all for your generosity.

Every dollar counts toward a happy tails story.


Anton, Hugh Jr.

Barber, Nellie Lee

Barone, Leo & Janet

Brainerd, Erin

Brewer, Cindi

Cahill, Richard & Cathleen

Casey, Fred

Casey, Ronnie

Chamblin, Steven

Davidson, Amanda

Davidson, Dan & Tammie

Davis, Joann

Denniston, Barbara

Dinnien, Katie

Espil, Jeanne

Ferguson, Kathryn

Forward, Richard & Ann

Frank, Bud & Cheryl

French, Donna

Frey, Nancy & Greg

Frey, Stephen

Gallusser, James

Girl Scouts #70027

Gumm, Cathy

Haman, Samantha & Matt

Hamlin, Jeri

Harr, Donna

Hayes, Samantha

Howie, Teresa

Janc, John & Emma

Laheney, Brian

Lee, Sandra

Lewis, Dr. Thomas

Lovvorn, Kerry

McDonough, Ev

Mahoney, Vicki

Maughan, Phil & Jill

Ness, Pam

Olmstead, Gail & James

Pitkin, Tammy

Red Bluff Emblem Club #408

Rickett-Schultz, Shanan

Russell, Sharon

Sikela, Milan Jr.

Smith, Scott

Soroptimist International

Souza, Nanci & Ben

Stahl, Justin  (X-Treme PC)

Tedon Specialties

Tygielski, Terri

Victorino, Jessica

Weingart, Jean

Wenz, Donna

Whetstone, Melanie

Wickenheiser, Sharon

Wood, Paul




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