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How to Make Sure Your Dog is Welcome in Your Neighborhood

When considering whether to add a dog to your family, it’s important to consider how your new canine friend will fit into your neighborhood, too. This is especially crucial if you have neighbors close enough for your dog to be visible, audible, and even smellable. Practicing good etiquette as a dog owner will help you stay on good terms with those around you. What’s more, it will also ensure that your pet has a happier life.

Make sure your dog gets good training.

A well-trained dog is happy and confident. They know what is expected of them and feel they can trust their person. A well-trained dog is safer, too, since they are less likely to run away, get into fights, or be a danger to others. If you don’t feel adequate to the task of dog training, seek out a reputable dog trainer near you, or sign yourself and your dog up for an obedience class so you can learn how to be their teacher, and to communicate with and understand them better.

Keep your dog, and your dog’s play areas, clean and hygienic.

Some dogs love baths, while others loathe them. Either way, make it a priority to keep your dog clean and well-groomed. A clean dog is likely to be healthier, less at risk of infections and diseases. They are also more likely to be welcomed by others, whereas people probably won’t want to pet or be greeted by a dog who is dirty and smells bad.

Keep up with routine vet visits.

Maintaining a good, regular schedule with your local vet is important for your pet’s health. There are several routine treatments they need, such as vaccinations against rabies and other dangerous diseases. They should also be on a scheduled treatment to prevent such parasites as heartworm. Keeping up with vet appointments is also helpful when it comes to identifying any potential health problems and treating them as early as possible. Unless you intend to breed your dog in a controlled and responsible manner, they should be spayed or neutered at the appropriate time, for their own health and for the sake of other dogs in the area.

Keep your dog safely contained.

Your dog needs to get exercise, play, and interaction, for the sake of both their physical and mental health. But they also need to be safely confined on your property or, if you take them for walks, on a leash. Fencing in part of your property will allow your dog to play freely without escaping or running onto other lawns. Look for a fences company that provides solid but attractive fencing that a dog can’t wriggle through. It’s also a good idea to have your dog microchipped so that if they do happen to get lost, they will be easy to find and identify.

Clean up after your dog.

Even dog lovers don’t love stepping into a pile of dog poop. If you take your dog for walks in public places, you need to be prepared to clean up after them if they happen to defecate in public. Additionally, make sure your dog doesn’t choose someone else’s lawn or property to do their business on: this is actually punishable by fines in many states and cities. Keep your own lawn clean of dog feces, too, so it doesn’t become a stinky health hazard.

Respect the feelings of others.

Dogs are wonderful friends and companions. They can brighten your day, put a smile on your face, and even provide valuable services to communities. Nevertheless, not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and dog owners need to respect this. People who have had negative experiences with aggressive dogs may shy away from canine interaction. Some people are allergic, as well. On top of this, it’s simply rude to let your dog jump on or lick other people even if they are fond of dogs and other animals.

Letting your dog run wild and be a nuisance is unfair to them and to those around you. But if you are a responsible dog owner, giving your pet the care and training they deserve, both of you will be welcome in your community. P.E.T.S provides further information and education on animal welfare and how to be a good pet owner.

By Aurora James

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