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May 2018

All of us dog lovers have one, or several, in my case. They've been tucked away for the winter, waiting patiently for the first warm days of summer. They will soon be brought out and filled with cool, refreshing water. Of course, I'm talking about your pal's favorite blue plastic pool! It was a long, cold winter, now we're well into spring. That mild “doggie” odor is becoming hard to ignore. It's time for a bath! But hold on there, Pardner – it's May and “too cool for that pool”. A nice warm bath in the house would be the answer, but you've already established the fact that he's too big for the kitchen sink and hoisting him into the bathtub is just not in the picture. So, what's a girl to do? Well, read on, I many have a few tricks tucked up my sleeve.

Let's start by trying a dry “bath”. Sprinkle any one of the following products on your furry friend, work in well, keeping well away from eyes, nose, and mouth.

*Corn starch *Baking soda

*Baby powder *Corn meal

Brush thoroughly – away go oils and dirt!

Wiping down your pet with your favorite brand of dryer sheet or baby wipes is a “quick fix” for that doggie odor.

Spritzing with any of the following might just do the trick:

*Cool mint mouthwash (½ cupful to 1 cup of water)

*Vanilla extract (½ capful to 2 cups of water)

*“ShoSheen” horse spray

I'm sure that you were able to find one or more of these helpful products somewhere in the nooks and crannies of your house.

But even though these are fun and easy home remedies, there is no substitute for just plain daily brushing. Dogs shed year round, but more so in the spring and fall. Routine brushing decreases the need for frequent bathing, which robs the skin of essential oils. Brushing also removes dry skin, relieves itching, distributes natural oils, and stimulates hair and skin health. Brushing releases normal secretions from oil glands, which discourages fleas and leaves the coat healthy and shiny.

Brushing is also the perfect time to relax and have some quality time with your best friend. At the same time, you can check for lumps, parasites, eye problems, ear debris, soreness around the mouth, tartar build-up, or red gums. Don't forget to check in between those toes!

A clean pet is a beautiful healthy pet. Before you know it, you'll turn around twice and it will be warm enough for a bath in his sparkling, refreshing blue pool. But until then, sprinkle, spritz, and brush to your heart's content!

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