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On March 16th Bella Vista Farms was honored to entertain over 350 guests at our 2018 fundraiser. It was held at Win River Resort and Casino. A beautiful green, white and gold St. Patrick's Day theme was evident. Our MC's and auctioneers, Sheriff Tom Bosenko and Supervisor Les Baugh, needed no introductions. They were a big hit, as usual. My friend and County Supervisor, Leonard Moty, was our guest speaker.

Many old friends and many new friends attended. Those attending were animal lovers from various walks of life. They included local mayors, city council members, county supervisors, animal rescue groups, area businesses, and oh, so many more! Senator Ted Gaines' aide, Lane Rickard, presented us with a plaque of appreciation.

Also, my first book, “Welcome to My World”, made its debut. From where I stood (on stage, whenever I could find a reason) the evening was a huge success.

The above mentioned “village” came together for the sole purpose of honoring rescued animals and to support the efforts of Bella Vista Farms. This year's proceeds will help cover ongoing expenses on the farm which include feed for dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, goats, llamas, horses, ponies, donkeys, canaries, finches, cockatiels, chickens, geese and turkeys. Medical supplies, dental care, horse hoof trims, medications, and vaccines are also ongoing needs. Fencing and shelters will be added as necessary.

To all of the “villagers” who attended or donated raffle items for this spectacular event – a huge thank you!

No matter what rescue or sanctuary that you choose to support, I encourage you to donate locally. Pick an animal care facility that is reputable. How do I know if one is reputable, you ask? Well, start by doing your homework – ask for references. If they have recently returned from a Hawaii vacation or drive a vehicle that costs more than your first home, or if their adoption rates are high, steer clear of that “rescue”!

You can also consider becoming a volunteer at a sanctuary or shelter. Time spent with rescue animals is a win-win situation.

Now – go join village!


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