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October Issue

One of the most nourishing foods for pets is an oil that comes from the meat of coconuts. This oil has a light, creamy taste and is an excellent source of nutrition. The vast benefits are shared by pets and humans alike. This is not just a fad or overnight craze. Coconut oil is extremely safe and can be used both orally and topically. It contains 120 calories per teaspoon, no carbohydrates, sodium or cholesterol. It has a very long shelf life and requires no refrigeration. It truly is a superfood!

Coconut oil can be solid or liquid, depending on the room temperature. Below 75°, the oil is solid and pure white, called coco butter. Above 76° it will be a transparent liquid. Good quality oil should be colorless, never yellow or pink. Your choice should always be cold-pressed, unrefined, organic virgin oil. Most dogs love the taste and will readily lick it off the spoon, or you can just add it to his food. Begin slowly as to not cause diarrhea (1/4 teaspoon to start). Work up to your goal of one teaspoon per 10 pounds daily. The overall health benefits seem to be endless. Coconut oil has been used with good results for the following animal related problems. Let’s check out a few of its many uses:

Used topically - It deodorizes whatever it touches


-psoriasis and eczema -flea allergies

-dandruff -hot spots

-cracked paw pads -bacterial infections

-ear infections -promotes healing

-ear mites -insect bites, stings

- cuts, burns -stops itching

-fungal infections/ringworm -rashes

-doggie odors -improves general condition of skin and hair

Used Orally:

-soothes cough -increases energy

-tames bad breath -aids in weight loss

-increases metabolism -rids body of internal parasites

-calms irritable bowel syndrome - decreases arthritis pain

-improves digestion - eliminates hairballs in cats

-relieves constipation

*Never give coconut oil to a dog with pancreatitis due to its high fat content.

Oil is not the only coconut product that is great for your best pal. Fresh and dried it is also an excellent source of fiber. A “chunk” will keep your dog busy for hours and will clean his teeth as he chews. What a super treat!

Coconut oil is inexpensive, easy to use and smells great. Give it a try and it might become your new superfood for your super best friend! Questions? Comments? Call Chic!

Chic Miller 530-347-0544

Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary

4301 Lower Gas Point Road Cottonwood, CA 96022

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