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We’ve all been there – at the pet store, the swap meet, or watching a TV commercial when we see the cutest, the most adorable, the most beautiful, the just-gotta-have-one of those pets. For some of us, before we act on that impulse, reality sets in. We pull in the reins – Whoa! Let’s think this over.

For those of you who just could not resist, you took your new friend home. Now, we fast forward a few months.

That cute, cuddly puppy has grown to be a 70-pound dog. He needs a bigger back yard, daily walks and is too large to take with you on family vacations. He needs to be neutered, have his rabies immunization, puppy shots, monthly heart worm meds, and regular nail clipping – Oh My!

That gorgeous, colorful parrot needs a much larger expensive cage, throws seed all over your living room floor, and demands attention when you are watching your favorite TV program, or talking to a friend on the phone.

That tiny kitten will need lots of attention, daily brushing and a kitty litter pan that needs emptying and cleaning often. Not to mention on-going medical care. Spay or neuter is a must!

That cute baby goat is taken home from the swap meet on Easter morning by someone who hasn’t a clue as to the care of a newborn. It will need bottle feeding every three hours around the clock, warmth and shelter, and soon, secure outdoor fencing.

Those adorable baby chicks at the feed store will need chick starter, a heat lamp and special supervision around young children, and later, protection from predators. Did I mention the crowing at 5:00AM?

Now, for the unexpected move to a location where this pet may not be welcome. For whatever reason, this pet now needs a new home. You’ve asked your

friends, neighbors, and co-workers, called all of the local rescues, but no one is able to take on your “impulse pet”. What now?

Pets who no longer fit into your family lifestyle may possibly end up at an already overcrowded humane society or animal shelter due to your lack of planning – through no fault of their own. My suggestion is always to plan ahead. Take a deep breath – think this through before making a decision. A family meeting is very important to decide what type of pet to adopt and what responsibilities each family member will accept in its daily care. Stick to your plan! Remember, a pet is a family member, a full time responsibility and a serious commitment.

Questions or Comment? Call Chic.

Chic Miller 530-347-0544

Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary

4301 Lower Gas Point Road Cottonwood, CA 96022

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