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Anyone that knows me, or has come within 20 yards of me, will have

heard my very strong opinion on the importance of spaying or neutering

your family pet. If you believe the myth that having just one litter “so that

your child can experience the miracle of birth”, you should first watch the

heartbreak of euthanasia due to overpopulation. Thousands of unwanted,

homeless and stray puppies and kittens are born in the US yearly. Those who

do not find homes are taken to already overcrowded shelters. Some are

dumped and left to wander, becoming prey to wildlife or automobiles. Some

just starve to death. Not a pretty picture!

Some think that altering your family pet is too expensive, but it is a

small price to pay compared to caring for a pregnant female properly,

possible birth complications, and the time and money spent on finding

homes for her offspring. Price shopping at all local vet clinics for the lowest

prices is certainly an option. Spay and neuter vouchers/certificates are

usually available by calling animal rescues or shelters.

The old excuse that my dog is a purebred just doesn’t fly. Statistics

show that ¼ of all shelter dogs are purebred. Spaying and neutering not only

reduces the number of accidental pregnancies and unwanted puppies and

kittens, it also has health and behavioral benefits. It protects female dogs

against breast cancer, especially if they are spayed before their first heat, as

well as other diseases of the reproductive system. Neutered males are less

likely to develop prostate enlargement and eliminates any possibility of

testicular cancer. Neutered males are less aggressive with other dogs and

less likely to bite. They are less apt to roam, looking for female

“companionship”. This also cuts down on digging out of the yard and

reduces the possibility of being hit by autos or being picked up as strays.

Males will be less likely to urinate indoors, marking their territory.

Giving birth is stressful to female cats and dogs. Many times a female

does not have time between pregnancies to recover and regain strength. She

can become thin and weak, susceptible to parasites and disease.

Every pet owner that allows their unaltered pet to roam is responsible

for the huge overpopulation of animals. For each puppy or kitten born as a

result of an unspayed female, one puppy or kitten will be euthanized at a

There are several ways that you can help with this problem. Start with

spaying or neutering your own pets. Donating to reputable organizations

such as Raney-Katie, S.A.F.E., Raining Cats and Dogs, SNIPP, or Another

Chance Animal Rescue, to name a few of my favorites. Sponsoring a spay at

a vet clinic is another option. But most importantly, get involved by

educating neighbors and friends. Please copy this article and share it.

Everyone should do their part! Any questions, contact Chic Miller at

Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary at 530-347-0544.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Just one female cat’s cumulative offspring in 10

years could total over 80 MILLION!

Two uncontrolled breeding cats…Plus all their kittens and their kittens’

kittens, if none are ever spayed or neutered, add up to:

1st Year: 12

2nd Year: 66

3rd Year: 382

4th Year: 2,201

5th Year: 12,680

6th Year: 73,041

7th Year: 420,715

8th Year: 2,423,316

9th Year: 13,958,290

10th Year: 80,399,780

That is:

*2 Litters per year

*2.8 Surviving kittens per litter

*10 Year breeding life

Chart by Chic Miller

Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary

4301 Lower Gas Point Road

Cottonwood, CA 96022


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