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Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary is located 14 miles west of Cottonwood

and 6 miles from Igo, on Lower Gas Point Road. The farm originated in

Bella Vista in 1989, thus the name Bella Vista Farms. In 1997, the farm

moved, growing from 4 to 45 acres. In 2000 we became a licensed animal

sanctuary and also became licensed with the USDA. Bella Vista Farms is a


Several hundred abused, abandoned, orphaned and unwanted animals call

Bella Vista Farms home. Each has a name and each has a story.

I was a nurse for 25 years and Bob was a business owner. I do much of the

medical care and Bob tends to many of the responsibilities of keeping the

farm flowing.

For me, days include feeding, brushing, bathing, and cleaning cages and

pens for the many animals on the farm. These include pigs, horses, donkeys,

ponies, bunnies, parrots, llamas, goats, dogs and cats. Medical challenges

include care of blind, deaf, diabetics, heart disorders, injuries, and

malnourished animals.

For Bob, his day starts early, getting hay, mending fences, building shelters

and seeing to it that the farm runs smoothly. Oh yeah, and he also does ALL

of the cooking!

On a daily basis the animals consume 50 pounds of dry dog food, 40 pounds

of dry cat food, 15 cans of dog food, 12 bales of hay and a large variety of

medications and medical supplies.

Bella Vista Farms is not an adoption center. When animals arrive, the farm

becomes their home forever. So…until next month – fun topics to follow.

Questions? Call Chic at 347-0544.


Chic Miller 530-347-0544

Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary

4301 Lower Gas Point Road Cottonwood, CA 96022


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