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The Information in this section has some handy facts to help you in many ways.  


On the Health Tab we share know health issues and recommendations to help.


We gladly take suggestions for new topics.......

Sometimes we will list "handy sites" like Petlisted,Pawlicy Advisor sites full of great info including health, puppy help, wellness, safety and so much more.

Our Lifestyle section shares some of the more heartfelt aspects of animal care.  They are our family after all.


And who doesn't like a cute story or video.........

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What you can do to help 



Join P.E.T.S. - Your annual membership fee will help us help the animals.(Click below to get your form)
  • Become a member of PETS.
  • Adopt a homeless animal.
  • Volunteer at the Tehama County Animal Care Center.  
  • Walk a dog, brush a cat, clean a cage and more
  • Attend one of the monthly meetings.
  • Help at P.E.T.S. fundraising and adoption events.
  • Spay and neuter all your companion animals and encourage your family & friends to do the same.
  • Donate to P.E.T.S. as often as you can.
  • Review our Calendar to see what is planned and come join in.
  • Participate in one of the many programs to safeguard or raise funds or support the animals who need you.
  • Friend us on Facebook and show your friends.
  • Help us repackackage donated foods for giveaways.
  • Join us at the Yearly LIFT event.
  • Call us to talk 




First-Aid For Dogs : Prepare For The Unexpected

Your fur baby is an important family member, and you do everything you can to keep them healthy and content. Even with the best of care, your pooch can have an illness or injury that requires emergency care. That’s why it helps to know some basic first-aid for dogs. Then, when your special pal needs immediate attention, you’ll be ready to provide support until you can get Fido to a veterinarian.  (Read on)


How do hamsters fit all that food into their cheeks? This little guy is about to show you.

The clip, from the BBC's new "Pets - Wild at Heart" series, shows the hamster getting X-rayed while dining so you can see exactly where everything goes.

And if that's not crazy enough, the program is narrated by David Tennant, the 10th Doctor on "Doctor Who."


That Shaggy Mutt? At Dog Museums, Our Drooling Companions Are the StarsBy LAURA M. HOLSON   APRIL 22, 2018

Learn about various Dog Museums you many never have heard of...

Official comic of shelters everywhere!

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