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What you should know

Small Animal Preparedness

During A Disaster 

LIVESTOCK Preparedness

During A Disaster 

Tehama County Animal Regulations and more

The 5 day hold at Tehama County

Care Center

A Guide for pet owners

Find pet product reviews and advice on PetListed

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3 ways to ease the cost of pet ownership

Training or Boarding - 

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Pet Talk: Issue 1, 2014

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Pet Talk: Issue 2, 2015

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What is a "Rescue"

Valid rescue organizations are usually non-profit entities and are characteristically “limited admission” organizations. They concentrate on either specific breeds, type of animal, or special need. These groups generally use a network of foster homes or boarding kennels to house the animals until they are adopted.


Rescue organization animals are obtained mostly through shelters and owner surrender. Animal shelters can also be known as an Animal Care Center, Animal Services or, as we no longer like to say, “the pound”.


City or county governments typically are the responsible parties for their operation. A number have an “open door” policy which means they do not turn away any animal. The Tehama County Animal Care Center is a “limited admission” county-run shelter.


They accept all stray animals found within their jurisdiction. They will also occasionally take owner surrender animals on a case-by-case basis, as space allows. When an animal is "Rescued" from the shelter it means that the organization received one of the animals from the shelter and will keep it until it is adopted.

Fire Season Letter

Please Read and help.


Click the fire to read about how YOU can help during this coming fire season or in other emergencies.


When you need a little help keeping a bandage on, or keeping them from licking.  Try this.  Color is optional.

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