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Please note:  Entries on this page are informational only and not endorsements 

Poisonous plant guidelines to consider from an insightful florists' website as suggested by a local girl scout: Thank you Corrine.

Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets

Many people who have pets might have a, more or less pronounced, "Jungle Room." But unfortunately, not all indoor plants are safe for our four-legged roommates. READ ON BY CLICKING THE TITLE.

Poison information resources:

Click above and check some 

video's to help you train, feed, love and help your pet in many ways.......

A Contraception pill:  Maybe not yet.


This complicated process is on par with traditional neutering in both cost, and safety.  The jury is still out.

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PET Meds?

 A Guide to Pets & Animal Therapy for ASD Families


For children on the autism spectrum, pets can be immensely helpful. To help families navigate this, this article was published. A free guide on the ins and outs of pets and animal therapy for ASD families

 Pet Insurance – Comprehensive Reviews 


Compare reviews of the best pet insurance companies rated by Lend EDU's Editorial Team to make sure your pet is covered for future accidents and illnesses.

Please note, this is not an endorsement by PETS, we do like to provide information which may be of service to our friends. Thank you

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