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Harmony Acres
Please note: any donation made on this site goes directly to P.E.T.S.  Donations for any other rescue should be made on their site.

"Berts" new home.  Read more about Bert in the Happy Tails ending of the Lifestyle section.

Harmony Acres Animal Rescue


                       A Subsidiary of Mt Lassen Animal Group


Harmony Acres Animal Rescue is located in Palo Cedro, California on 24 acres.


We are a no kill rescue sanctuary for all types of domestic animals in need. The animals that we take in are equines, farm animals, dogs and cats. When possible, we adopt them out to loving homes.


We can always use all varieties of animal foods, from dog and cat to grains and bales 

of hay or straw.


We appreciate all types of animal feed or monetary contributions.


All donations are tax deductible.





In 2013 we saved three horses from being euthanized at Haven Humane Society in Redding, California. Since that time one has been adopted to a loving home and the two others have integrated into our sanctuary herd awaiting adoption.


In 2014 we have several improvement projects in the works to enhance the equine section of our rescue sanctuary.


You may contact Cliff Steussie CEO Mt Lassen Animal Group at (530) 474-1503 for information about the programs offered here at Harmony Acres.


For information on adoptions you can e-mail Reggie and Kim Ceehorne at   

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