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For those of you that followed RUSTY, a special needs dog who had come into the Tehama County Animal Care Center, and after a number of months of struggle and set-backs, he was adopted …, we thought you might like a beautiful update... The happy ending, fairy-tails are made of…

RUSTY came into the Center in June, 2016 with a condition known as Hypospadias (the opening ofhis urethra didn’t form the way it should) and before coming in, his previous life was not good... but, Thanks to the diligence and hard work of many, many people, RUSTY now has the life we all dreamed he would…

UC Davis did a rather complicated surgery to correct RUSTY's condition... and also the emergency surgery he needed afterwards… A wonderful lady, from Montana, adopted RUSTY on September 26, 2016. Shortly after his adoption we heard that he was doing great and settling in just fine... :-)

Today, we just received pictures of RUSTY and his “Sister” Trixie playing in the snow from his “Mom”… Looks like life couldn’t be any better for this very special fur-bug!

There are so many people to thank for the happy ending to RUSTY's very sad beginning story... Staff, volunteers, medical teams both at UC Davis and here in Red Bluff, transporters, foster parent, and most of all the lady who opened up her heart and home for him!.... Everyone did an outstanding job and we are sure, if RUSTY could speak... He would say "thank you" and give you all some very well-deserved "Dog-Kisses"

 Minnie is doing great with her new family and their other two dogs. She had two fox tails removed from her ear when she was sedated for spaying. She is already wagging her tail with all of the family, cuddling on the couch and very settled. They just adore her!   March 2016


Thank you Tehama County Animal Care Center and Valley Veterinary Clinic.  



Many times one animal grabs our hearts and our attention...HOMER was one of those... At the shelter since October 2015, Homer was rescued in April, 2016.. . six long months he waited…
Today we are extremely thrilled to announce that HOMER is healthy, happy and ADOPTED !!! This very special boy now has his furever home! ❤ 
He has a buddy… a loving family… and is living the good life at the beach! From what we were told, many were excited to meet this lovable guy and he was (is) “The most rock-solid pit ever!”
Thank you to everyone who didn’t give up on him… from the staff at the Tehama County Animal Care Center, the volunteers, and all those who networked him… Miracles do happen… We know it… and best of all… Homer knows it!!!
Let's all do the "Happy Dance"



Meatball: Showcase Pet 


When a pet needs a bit more help then average, PETS steps up to help.  Click the picture to learn all about this special case...Meatballs Fundraiser ihas earned enough to take care of Meatballs Medical needs.  


Update below-

Meatballs Medical needs are being addressed and he now has his forever home!!!!!


What a happy tails ending!


Mar 29, 2014 Over two weekends, "Animal Place" staff and volunteers saved the lives of more than 1,100 hens from an egg farm phasing out of the egg business. Social media and media coverage inspired hundreds of chicken lovers to apply and adopt the the end of two massive weekend adoption events all the hens were placed into permanent homes.See You Tube Video-Click the Chick!

This is Chia.  She came from the Tehama County Care Center (Aug 2015) by way of her foster mom (as she was too young to adopt out).  Sher Wintle fostered her wonderfully but has since passed away.  She fostered so many of the Tehama County critters she is the "Grand Mutter" of them all!  She will be missed

Sher Wintle (From her FB Feed regarding "Chia".

hi I would love to see this little girl not have to spend a night in the shelter. she is healthy, outgoing, playful as the socks and shoes in my front room can attest to), She is not a scared little chi. she comes running to you. she has a good appetite.. she loves to cuddle. She plays for about an hour and then crashes(naos), I got her on friday so I would think that by thursday or friday she would be available. this is a pup that will follow you anywhere and wants to be doing whatever you are. Outside while I am pulling up canna lillies she is jumping on top of them. If she gets between a row of pots and me, she jumps up onto the first pot and runs across them all to me. friendly and outgoing to strangers. when she runs almost every other step is a leap. I love her little face.

Happy Tails of Adopted pets from PETS & the

Tehama County Animal Care Center

(Some heart warming stories).


In Memory of Sher, a lover all creatures, great and small!

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