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A Closer Look at Feral Community Cats

Tehama County, at this time, does not have any programs to help with feral cats and the issues involved with them.  Food, spaying/neutering, medical issues, overpopulation and more.  What Tehama County does have on a grass roots level, are individuals and in some cases groups who have gotten involved to try and make a difference.

PETS offers spay & neuter certificates along with humane traps & or crates on loan.  PETS sometimes, can help to locate assistance with specific problems on request (if volunteers are available).  Contact us with questions.  See button top of each page on our website.

The County Animal shelter does not accept ferals at this time, but they do have a
pet pantry to help with food when needed for ferals or anyone in need.

Thank you all, those of you, who make an effort to make a difference.  If you are a cat rescuer, please introduce yourselves to PETS so we can ensit you in all of our efforts to "make a difference".

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