Spay/Neuter Vouchers

Vouchers are handed out on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Tehama County Animal Care Center parking lot.  We post the dates on the home page of this website.  Please come early and please bring a pen.  No more than 5 vouchers at a time may be obtained.

You may call (530) 527-8702 with questions, but first, please read the following:


With the grateful assistance from the Diane McCorkle Endowment Fund for the Spaying and Neutering of Tehama County Dogs and Cats, PETS is proud to announce a financial assistance program to help pet owners get their pets spayed or neutered. There are a limited number of vouchers currently available, you (and your pet) must be a resident of Tehama County, and your income level is not a factor.  


At present, a limited amount of funds has been set aside for feral cats.  Please call our PETS number for specifics.  (530) 527-8702


To obtain a voucher, please call (530) 527-8702.  At that time, you will be asked for your basic contact information and will be directed to make an appointment at one of PETS’ participating veterinary clinics and you must indicate that you are a part of the PETS Spay/Neuter voucher program when scheduling your appointment.  Along with your voucher, you must bring to your appointment a copayment—$25 per dog, $15 per cat—that will be collected by the clinic.  You are responsible for any costs above the basic spay or neuter fee.  Other restrictions may apply. (Ask about ferla cat spay/neuter support).


Please Note: Missed appointments without a phone call to the veterinarian in advance (no shows) will be permitted to reschedule, however the cost will revert to full price.  

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