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We may be young, but we operate in dog years!

In 2011, tails were wagging everywhere when Cathy Bissell founded BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) as a natural extension of her love for animals and her commitment to their welfare. The foundation’s goal is to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues, and to find a loving home for every pet. With the help of our generous supporters, BPF has awarded millions of dollars to our growing partner network of animal welfare organizations and has impacted the lives of an incalculable number of pets. Together we are saving lives in all 50 states and Canada.


Cathy (pictured below with Taz, adopted 2014; Roxy, adopted 2011; Riley, adopted 2016; and KC) has always had a love for animals. She grew up surrounded by pets which fostered her deep compassion.

In 2008, the adoption of her black lab, Bear, changed Cathy’s life. Bear was the first pet she had ever adopted. He came from the local Humane Society and was 6 years old. His family gave him up because they got a new puppy and didn’t have time for him. Bear was a gorgeous, regal and gentle dog who fit in beautifully with her family, including her other dogs and a cat.

Cathy’s biggest regret is that she didn’t adopt sooner, but she knows that there is always one pet that changes you and makes a difference. Since Cathy can’t bring all pets in shelters home, starting BISSELL Pet Foundation was the next best thing to help homeless pets everywhere.

Cathy urges everyone reading this to open their hearts and adopt a shelter pet. It isn’t too late to give a pet a second chance. It will change you forever.

Making an Impact in 50 States

BISSELL Pet Foundation supports programs and initiatives that are focused on addressing the pet overpopulation crisis in our country. Through funding for pet adoption, spay/neuter, microchipping and foster care we are making a difference to reduce the number of pets in shelters and rescues. We are proud to have supported the lifesaving work of the following animal welfare organizations in all 50 states and Canada. Travel to their site to learn much more..... Click below.

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