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Some of the many events PETS attends or shares in,  to help share our message.....


If you have a picture we don't, please share. Thank you.

Home holday thank you.JPG

Home for the Holiday Adopted Cats:

Buddy A51614121

Grayson A51700106

Brayden A51697060

Ella A51697064

Devon A51707299

Conrad A51707293

Ava A51700111

To all the adopters out there: THANK YOU!

Home for the Holidays is over for 2022. But there are still many wonderful dogs and cats waiting. In the meantime. See the grand total for this years event: Dogs-14, Cat 7!

New critters come in almost every day, the shelter is at capacity still. Keep an eye out on the strays at incoming: Presently 11 dogs and 1 cat.


Home for the Holiday Adopted Dogs:

Kramer A51389588

Nadia A49065094

Ronaldo A51665367

Frank A51693038

Taylor A50872600

Darwin A51614142

Skylar A51015816

Jenny A51656295

Eleanor ` A51564858

Venus A51576918

Melman A51118769

Smith A51620377

Marshmallow A50875427

Benjamin A51602223

A big THANK YOU is owed!!!

Thanks go out to the Wilcox Women's Golf Association as a part of their charity golf tournament in November. P.E,T.S. was given dog/cat food, kitty litter, a puppy bed , kitty toys and lots of towels (the shelter always can use towels). These items have been delivered to the Tehama Shelter with the help of the pictured "special helper". Note: the dog & cat food will be distributed as part of the Animal Care Centers "community pantry". A wonderful service the center provides to help folks when needed.

In addition to these useful items, a generous donation was raised for P.E.T.S.

Thank you to Wilcox Golf, you are the best!


Making clean up easier...

Today P.E.T.S. delivered 2 new heavy duty hose reels to the Tehama County Animal Shelter. What ever it takes to make life easier for the staff. They need to care for the animals as best they can, and if this helps, P.E.T.S. will deliver Once again, we thank our members and supporters for their donations to help us meet the needs of the shelter!


2hose reels.JPG

2022 North State Giving was wonderful.  PETS supporters hit a home run.  we can't thank them enough.....

October basket winner

Jennifer Torres from NCCDI won a PETS basket at Good Morning Red Bluff Chamber networking event hosted at the Masonic Vesper Lodge #84



Nu-Way Market* (in Los Molinos) & P.E.T.S.(Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter) are celebrating their 7th year of the selling Paw Prints in support the Tehama County Animal Shelter!.   From July 8th through the 31st purchase a Paw Print at any Nu-Way check stand in support, ($1 or $5) it’s easy.  And again this year, each $5 Paw Print is an automatic entry to win a hand crafted quilt made especially for PETS with a DOG Theme.  Thanks to Sandra Merhoff


Support of Paw Print sales helps to improve life for the homeless, neglected, and abused animals of Tehama County.  P.E.T.S. objective is that whatever the shelter may need they get.  Anything to get and keep the animals healthy and adopted into a loving home!


We always reward the top selling supermarket checkers with great big baskets or goodies.  Those baskets will be on display in Nu-Way all month.


PETS members will be at Nu-Way Friday the 9t,h from 9am till 3pm to kick off this very special month.  Stop by on your way into the store and get a FREE raffle ticket for a great big gift basket.  Use this opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and find out who we are and how you can help.  Questions can be sent to


*Nu-Way-     8049 Golden State Hwy, Los Molinos, CA 96055

  PETS            PO Box 1174, Red Bluff, CA 96080

Nuway basket prizes.JPG
Nuway quilt n sign.JPG
basket kickoff.JPG
Every $5 PawPrint is an automatic entry to possibly win this sweet "dog centric" quilt....
5 paprint.JPG


2022 basket winners.JPG

Bre Hope-Winning and Patricia Kelley-Wesley are 1st & 2nd winners of the incentive baskets.  The earned the most monies towards Pawprint sales (though all the checkers did a GREAT job!

A great fundraiser, over for 2022.  Hope to do again in 2023???

We are so grateful!

P.E.T.S. is sending out lots of good vibe appreciation to Max & Neo along with the good people from Empower Tehama for the items in this gift basket along with many more goodies. This basket and more are going to the Tehama County Animal Shelter for their next adoption(s). We hope whoever gets it will have hours of fun playing with their new pup. Thank you very much Max & Neo and Empower Tehama!

Max basket.JPG

Whatever they need:

The shelter recently had a need for a good supply of Large pill pockets that can hold capsules. PETS got right on it. We ordered plenty and they arrived in 1.5 days and now they are going to the shelter.


We thank our supporters for the ability to give the shelter what they need when they need it. (It's in our Name).

Everyone and anyone can support the shelter. See how you can help at:

Pill pokets.jpg
Thanks to the generosity of PETS supporters during North State Giving Tuesday and Christmas, PETS was able to purchase much needed itesm from the Shelters Amazon Wish list and some preferred Flea treatments to "Stop the Itch" at the shelter.  We thank our supporters and will continue to support the shelter in any way needed.  
Basket winner august.JPG
chamber august.JPG

PETS likes to participate in local goings on to help share our mission. This is Sharon Russel with Sean Rix - State Farm Insurance Agent and 6 others at the August morning meet up. Location: Red Bluff Ace Hardware (Red Bluff, CA). PETS also offers up free raffle baskets and look who won: Caitlin, Recycling Coordinator for Tehama County, is the winner of the P.E.T.S. basket at the Chamber’s Good Morning Red Bluff for August.

PETS members and friends took time out to celebrate the birthday of someone special


Beaming with pleasure:

Meet Julie, Sally and Sharon. Our PETS reps at the annual Chamber of Commerce BEAM (Business Expo & Mixer 2022) event.


They had a fun evening meeting sharing info with lots of folks along with other nonprofits and businesses.

2 Big baskets were raffled away freely and goods like popcorn and more shared.

Coloring books were given out to the few children present. PETS always has free coloring books to share about how to be safe around dogs.


If you are part of a class or group that could benefit from these coloring books, please contact us, we are happy to share.


An outpouring of support in her honor...

PETS is humbled by the outpouring of generosity in honor of Betty White. People donated in person, in cash, by check and online to the tune of $500 for us to continue our work in supporting the animal shelter. Thank you and keep watching as we continue to support the shelter in any and all ways.

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