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Some of the many events PETS attends or shares in,  to help share our message.....

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If you have a picture we don't, please share. Thank you.

PETS attended this outdoor "safe" event and gave out coloring books and dog treats...

olive festival 2020.JPG

Louanna Ramero at the Los Molinos Library

On Tuesday 10-20-20, Clarissa Ortner of PETS (Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter) presented Louanna Ramero of the Tehama County Library System (in Los Molinos), three baskets of Coloring Books and crayons.  The books are: “How to be safe around dogs”. (In both English and Spanish) PETS hopes the kids who like to color also learn how to be safe near doggies.

Books generously supplied by The California Animal Welfare Association” and the California Department of Public Health.  

coloring book.JPG
(If you have an event with children who would benefit from these coloring books, please contact us.  We are happy to supply them as long as they last.)
Dye creek card bird rescue.jpg
Nat n co Bird rescue.JPG

PETS goes to the birds.....

Recently, our generous friends from the *Walmart Distribution Center in Red Bluff donated to PETS a large variety of animal foods, including  wild bird seed. 


Today, PETS met with Natalie of the Dye Creek Wildlife Rescue to handover this bounty to help her cause.  Just today Natalie picked up a sparrow and a hawk for rescue.  Things are getting more difficult for the Wildlife rescue as many of their volunteers are retiring.  So if you love the wild critters, please contact Natalie to donate your time.  As little as picking up a bird in a cage for them could make a BIG difference.  Click on their card to visit their FB Page.

*PETS is so grateful to Walmart DC #6026 for their continued generosity to us & Red Bluff.  Our hearts go out to them....  

Natalie Peterson (left), Clarissa Ortner(Right)

2020 NuWay PawPrints Fundraiser:  Huge success!

pawprint 1.jpg

The wall of gratitude will display all the PawPrints purchased during July. (Contributed)

paw nuway pets.JPG

The 2020 Nu-Way Paw prints fundraiser for P.E.T.S.  (Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter) is complete for the 5th year running. 


P.E.T.S. support of the Tehama County Animal Care Center (TCACC) is what drives each fundraiser. 

More Paw prints and donations were garnered this year than in any past year.  The support of Nu-Way and the all-important checkers was phenomenal.   Every checker contributed to this great success.   It is also with gratitude we thank the people of Los Molinos who shopped at Nu-way with their hard earned dollars.. Patricia Wesley was the checker who sold the most PawPrints with last year’s winner Bre Hope-Winning coming in 2nd.  They each won a big basket of goodies from P.E.T.S. for their efforts.  The other important contributors are Margret, Bernice, Micah, Marci , Laura and more. 

Nu-Way at 8049 State Route 99E is a fully stocked family run market in the heart of Los Molinos- with deli food, fresh meat section, the freshest vegetables and the best service.  They are also “highly” Covid aware and careful for our safety! 

Each year P.E.T.S. hangs a sign prominently in the store to alert the public of “goings on” at the shelter.  This year we highlighted last year’s numbers:  653 animals were adopted out of the shelter.  548 animals were rescued to other shelters and 548 animals were returned to their owner.  This and more information can be found on the brand new TCACC website with lots of great information we all need to know. 

P.E.T.S. is an all-volunteer non-profit dedicated to completing its mission of practicing and promoting responsible compassionate care to all animals, both in TCACC care and in the community. The homeless animals of Tehama County and the Animal Care Center benefit from the monies P.E.T.S. distributes through various programs.  With fundraisers like this one we will be able to supply the animals of the shelter with medicines, adoption assistance, transport, enrichment and so much more along with education opportunities and spay/neuter vouchers, emergency food, and more for the people of Tehama County.

For more information or to volunteer, call 527-8702 or visit


Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6026

Tehama County Probation

Thank you!

Thanks to a VERY Generous donation of pet foods from The WalMart Distribution Center, PETS is able to share much needed food with those in need through out Tehama County.  This load is going to Rancho Tehama, Los Molinos and to Covid Emergency area at the Fairgrounds.

Tehama County Probation supplied the truck/trailer and helping hands for off- loading.

Here are some folks picking up loads of food for dispersion throughout the county.

olive festival.JPG

Corning Olive Festival

The Corning Chamber of Commerce hosted the 73rd annual Olive Festival. PETS attended on October 10th, 2020.
The Olive Festival hosted a full day of activities for the whole community to participate in.

Sharon and Clarissa had a wonderful day, sharing PETS info with the public.  We gave away lots of goodies including free raffle tickets to all takers for the basket (shown here).  Taylor later won and picked up her basket from Clarissa. Thank you Corning Olive Festival for the invite and thank you Tehama County Probation for the help in set up and tear down.  

Pictured: Sharon Russell, President of PETS manning the booth.  Taylor, visiting our booth and winning the "free" raffle basket and finally the raffle basket, chock full of goodies donated by PETS supporters.  Thank yoiu all.

thank  you graphin 3k plus.JPG
NSG logo.JPG

Tehama County generosity makes Giving Tuesday a success for nonprofits

By GEORGE JOHNSTON | | Red Bluff Daily News

PUBLISHED: December 3, 2020 at 4:05 p.m. | UPDATED: December 3, 2020 at 4:06 p.m.

RED BLUFF — Tehama County residents opened up their wallets and purses to donate to local nonprofits during the North State Giving Tuesday event hosted by the Community Foundation of the North State.

The Tehama County Library received $3,610 and blew past its $3,000 goal. County Librarian Todd Deck said 100 percent of the donations would support the library’s 2021 summer reading program.

This marked the first year the library partook in Giving Tuesday. Deck said the Community Foundation had a donation period one week before Tuesday, and the library had already received around $1,000 in donations before Tuesday’s event.

The library was the first winner of a giveaway the foundation put on during Giving Tuesday and won an additional $1,000.

The State Theatre nabbed a $500 prized from giveaway too. Front of House Manager Linda Bullock said the theater overall received a little more than $2,800 and exceeded its goal of $2,500. This is the second year the theater took part in Giving Tuesday and saw more donations come in than last year.

Board Member Kelley Dolling said the generosity shown during Giving Tuesday is truly humbling, and the State Theater could not thank the community enough for its continued support.

“We are always amazed by the generosity of our community,” Bullock said. “Everyone gathers around and helps each other.”

PETS Board Member Sharon Russell said her organization raised more than $3,000.

“We are very, very happy,” Russell said. “This was a wonderful opportunity for us to make contact with people who have donated to us in the past and maybe some new members.”

Russell said it has been tough for nonprofits this year, with no public events being held and limits on public interaction.

PETS, which stands for Providing Essentials for the Tehama Shelter, has participated for several years in Giving Tuesday. During its first year taking part, the organization asked for donations that would be given to those affected by the Camp Fire.

The money donated to PETS this year will go to help the medical fund at the Tehama County Animal Care Center.

“We donate to the animal shelter, that’s why we were formed to help homeless animals who end up at the shelter,” Russell said.

Other local organizations participating included Empower Tehama, The Tehama Conservation Fund, Tehama Together and Latino Outreach of Tehama County. Each received donations ranging from $500- $3,500.


Medical costs for animals without a family at the shelter are a constant.  Over just the last few months the shelter has had multiple situations where an animal has needed care.  The Shelter goes above and beyond to allow every animal (even the oldsters) the best chance possible at a better life.  But there is a price.  The shelter is not given a medical budget and expenses and funds are running low.  A donation of even just a few dollars  in the link below can help see to animals receiving care and keeping our shelter going.


Wanda is approximately 8 years old, spayed, current on her vaccinations and litter box trained. She is THE friendliest cat around! She adores attention, wiggles & weaves around your arm to get the most pets. She is a love and is eager for a true home where she will be loved all of her days!  (PS-Wanda was adopted on 12-3-20 Yippee!)


TP cat.jpg

Never enough:

COVID has impacted access to resources for animals in the care at the shelter. County budgets cover some expenses in support for animals but the medical fund is not one of them. This fund is solely dependent on donations from people like you. Thank you for helping in any way you can.

PS The shelter cats say they would never ruin your TP like that- this guy seems crazy.

We understand, between the post-turkey-feast-naps and the weird world of COVID who really knows what day it is???  Don't worry!  We have a count-down clock on our website to help us all remember and we will be sharing info about what your gifts do for PETS when a donation is made on December 1st.

Giving Tuesday Reminder.jpg

This is Kipper. He wishes you a great Turkey day!

He hopes that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and that you might share what's cooking with him since it's probably pretty tasty.  If giving in to those cute puppy eyes isn’t in the cards, please help us get the word out by sharing this post about our upcoming online event on Dec. 1st for Giving Tuesday- a global event where individuals donate to their favorite charities (like P.E.T.S!) in helping them with vital support.


This is Sgt. Stubby 

This sweet boy has been through a lot.  He came to the shelter during the fires and needed medical attention due to how someone had cut off his ears which led to infection.  The Shelter goes above and beyond to allow every animal the best chance possible at a better life.  But there is a price.  The shelter is not given a medical budget and expenses like Sgt Stubby's put the shelter in the red by $300.00 and there are other animals like him.  Collaborative efforts from UC Davis, donations from the public, and support by P.E.T.S. provides the needed medical assistance.  You can help.  Please support our medical drive to provide the needed assist.

Sgt Stubby (1) (1).jpg
Ripple effect.jpg

Your actions ripple-

Through little actions of love we create the waves of change we want to see in our community.  Your gift during Giving Tuesday has the power to amplify into more.  Even small gifts can accumulate when others join in. Please share this and let's see what we can do.

Protect their hearts.jpg

Protect their hearts:

It is a slow process but a deadly one.  Heartworms use mosquitos as a "vector" to find new host animals like dogs and cats.  Symptoms of the parasite can take months to show but once they do coughing, chest pain, lethargy, and labored breath are the telltale signs of what lies ahead.  Every year animals come to the shelter and are positive for heartworms.  The treatment is expensive but the preventative is not.  Our animals with no person to call their own need your help in receiving this prevention until they meet their new families.  We can help.  With donations towards our medical fund for the local shelter we can prevent suffering.  Join us in this mission through our North State Giving Tuesday event happening now to help a dog or cat.

mend kitty sq.JPG

Help them mend-

We are living in an age where so much has changed in a short period of time.  One thing we know for sure though is people like you are what make this area home.  We all pitch in and together we mend, heal, and fight for the little ones who need us.


we need you.JPG


We need you

Paying for an unexpected vet bill can be an unfortunate experience. Hoping to receive care when you don't have a human of your own is a truly unfortunate situation.  Shelters try their best to pay for these expenses but sometimes the funds fall short of the love. Your gift can mean the difference between treatment or going without.


Membership drive 2020

The drive is OVER!  


A handmade quilt AND

a large basket of goodies for the

randomly drawn winner! 



basket mem 1.JPG


May 25, 2020 at 2:20 p.m.

Emma and John Janc of Red Bluff are pictured with their gift baskets as winners of the 2020 PETS Membership Drive. PETS thanked members for their support as memberships and donations are what allow the nonprofit to do what it does. Also pictured is Sharon Russell. (Contributed)

On the Left, Sharon Russell, President of Pets and to the right: Mrs and Mr Janc of Red Bluff at the Tehama county Animal Shelter recieving their rewards.....



We all deserve to sleep cozy and warm in our beds at night, and that includes our four-legged friends who live at the Tehama County Animal Care Center (530-527-3439). Our pups love to dream of forever homes, while snoozing soundly on Kuranda Dog beds… But we don’t have enough for everyone.

If you would like to donate a bed and give a dog a dream, please click on the link below For anyone who is donating to the shelter, Kuranda is offering special discounts and free shipping. Your donation will be sent directly to the shelter in your name and will be greatly appreciated by our canine guests.

THANK YOU!    Kuranda Beds

Kitty spay/neuter events 

"Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter" (PETS) was happy to hold a very special, Felines only:  Spay/Neuter day.  Both pet and feral felines were welcome.

On Feb 24th the Whiskers Mobile Clinic set up at the VFW Post 3909 location in Los Molinos (7980 Sherwood Blvd, Los Molinos).  The talented team of volunteers (the Vet and 5 techs) spayed or neutered 47 cats and also gave variouis vaccinations as requested.  It was a GREAT day.

PETS is working on have more events like this so stay tuned and we will let you know where/when. 


In addition to the Wags and Whiskers team, we want to acknowledge the VFW Post 3903 for the use of the facility and Mill Creek Cafe for the donation of the teams lunch.  You are GREAT.   Thanks to all.  


This very special opportunity is possible due to the Diane McCorkle Endowment Fund."


 BEAM event-


B.E.A.M. 2020

We very much enjoyed this event.  Met lots of nice folks and made some new friends.  Thank you all. 

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