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A great big thanks to the Tehama Crafters and to the Pedlar Ladies for hosting PETS again.  PETS was pleased to meet many friends new and returning.  We answered questions about the shelter, about spay and neuter vouchers and more.

A free raffle and a silent auction was held and we are in the process of notifying the winners.  Lot's of giveaways and fun was had.

Thank you to all for making this a fun and successful event.

Rotary Presentation October 19th

From Left to right:

Ev McDonough(PETS)

Sally Conry (PETS)

Vicki Stroud(Rotary)

Clarissa Ortner(PETS)

Sharon Russell(PETS)

Stephen Frey(PETS)

Julie Sisneros(PETS)

PETS presented to the Rotary what we do, who does what, and who we are.  Was a lovely lunch and learning experience for all.

chamber table.JPG

October 8th was a great night.  PETS decorated the table for the Cornerstone bank.

We shared who we thought our heros from the PETS world are: Including our local veterinarians, our shelter staff, UC Davis and more.....

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Did you know that you can borrow either a humane trap or a pet crate from PETS?  Whether you are trapping a feral cat or have a sick pet that needs a crate for a week, you can borrow one from PETS.  See our instructions on the form here, in our forms section or in the feral cat area of this website.  Call to make arrangements. 

cat trap.JPG

We are so lucky to have him!

P.E.T.S. is so proud of our esteemed treasurer, Stephen Frey. Through thick and thin and all his studies, he kept P.E.T.S. up and flying high: answering questions, and keeping us on the straight and narrow. Congratulations Stephen on a job very well done from all of us at P.E.T.S.

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nuway logo.JPG

Thank you Nu-Way for year #6!


PETS is pleased to announce that the NuWay/PETS Paw Prints Fundraiser for 2021 completed on Saturday July 31st.

We have received all the paw prints and the tallys. These are the three checkers that have earned a special gift basket in appreciation of their hard work (we love all the checkers for their efforts).Pictured here from Right to left. Nu-Way checker - Bre (Seller of the most Paw Prints 2021), Sandra Merhoff (donated this very special home made quilt), Allison, (2nd place Paw Print seller) and finally holding up her end, Sharon Russell, President of PETS. Not pictured: Kiana, 3rd place seller. All three crack sales people received a gift basket from PETS.

The quilt has officially been awarded to the winner (Ana F of Los Molinos). So thank you all, gratefully.


Plants for PETS
Crowds turn out for return of summer craft fair from Red Bluff Daily News
Pedlar Ladies is a gracious host to PETS 2x yearly.  They let us join them in their booth at the craft fairs where PETS spreads the word about what we can offer and we do a bit of fundraising by selling plants and assorted items.  We want to say thank you to Kay and Lorraine along with Community Crafters of Tehama for making this possible.

plants for pets 2.JPG
plants for pets.JPG

A special friend, Betty Graceland Deck, visited the library StoryWalk. Betty already has a loving home with a caring friend, but there are so many in our county who do not. The August StoryWalk featured a wonderful bilingual story "El Perro con Sombrero" along with photos of some feline and canine friends who were and or are looking for their forever homes from the Tehama County Animal Care Center...Don't miss these very special Story Walks, they are amazing.

grace library.JPG

Neutered at Davis

George                 46992107

Rocket                  47723418

Things are looking up in the world.  UC Davis is once again accepting our shelter dogs into their free spay and neuter clinics. It's been a long year since we have been able to take advantage of their generosity and we are so happy.

This week, Transports (volunteers) took the dogs to UC Davis and 2 days later, picket them up.  They are so much more adoptable when already fixed, never mind that they will never have unwanted pups.!!!

Thank you UC DAvis and Thank you Volunteer Transporters!


Gifted to the shelter from PETS from Amazon Wish list.

The next event:  See you then.

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On May 1st with all of Red Bluff in the sun having fun, PETS (Providing Essentials for the Tehama Shelter) was at the Community Crafters Spring Fling. Clarissa, a board member of PETS, sold homegrown plants under the sign of “Plants for P.E.T.S.” We were hosted by two charming ladies under their sign of “Pedlar Ladies”: Thanks to both Kay and Lorraine, pictured here.

At least 85 folks stopped by the PETS booth to see our plants, enter our free PETS raffle (for a wonderful basket) and generally talk plants and PETS and more. Most of the Plants were sold and many donations were received. We are very grateful for each dollar given toward helping the shelter pets find homes.

Pictured here also is Stephanie Hardcastle of “Heaven Scent” by Steph, from a nearby booth. She really wanted the basket and visited us often. But, a lovely lady named Jennifer won the basket which will be delivered this week.

So PETS had a great day, made new friends, shared the fact that we give spay and neuter vouchers, are always looking for new members & volunteers and so much more.


We hope to see you at the next Community Crafters event on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

If you are a crafter and would like to donate one or more of  your crafts to PETS to sell, please contact us!


Feasting on Kindness-

Walmart donation.JPG

PETS would like to thank the Wal-Mart Distribution Center# 6026, in Red Buff for a generous donation of pet foods and treats. Canned wet and bags of dry food along with treats galore. Thanks to this generous donation and with the assistance of the Tehama County Probation Dept PETS can now offer pet food to any non profit, church or group that needs it for the good of Tehama County pets. With one phone call to PETS (527-8702) a non profit may request food for one or more animals in need. Thank you on behalf of PETS.


senior nutrish.JPG

PETS had the pleasure of donating a large amount of pet food for the "pets" of Tehama County Seniors via the The Tehama County Senior Nutrition Program.

This program provides balanced, nutritious meals to seniors throughout our County. Seniors able to come to one of the senior centers in Red Bluff and Corning enjoy a freshly prepared meal and the companionship of friends. Those who are homebound receive a meal and a daily visit from one of the drivers, ensuring that they are safe and receive contact with another human being.

We at PETS were happy to see that all the dogs and cats belonging to the seniors have good wet & dry food, great snacks and even some toys. We could not have done this without the generous donation of pet food from the Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6026.

Any non profit may request pet food from PETS for distribution to it's members, as long as it lasts. Thank you.


corning food drive.JPG
Sharing with the VFW in Corning.  

Feasting on Kindness-


Some of the many events PETS attends or shares in,  to help share our message.....


If you have a picture we don't, please share. Thank you.

3-26-21 was a big success!  300 animals were vacinated and or recieved microchips and 4 pallets of pet food was given away!


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