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Some of the many events PETS attends or shares in,  to help share our message.....

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Christmas Parade in honor of

Sgt. Stubby


This past week pet food and supplies were delivered to help those affected by the Camp Fire. With HUGE thanks to Walmart Distribution Center, The Tehama County Deputy Sheriffs Association, The Tehama County Probation Dept., Mandy Hamilton, DVM at Valley Veterinary Clinic, P.E.T.S. was able to coordinate a massive donation of supplies to those in need. We are happy to announce that over 4,000 pounds of pet food was included.

With a huge SHOUT OUT to the Walmart Distribution Center whose donations allow us to have resources readily available to help those in need, and to our supporters who through their contributions allows us to function, P.E.T.S. was able to respond quickly.

On Monday, Mandy Hamilton, DVM, after being loaded up with blankets, food, and other necessary supplies, drove down to the Chico Municipal Airport at 150 Airpark Blvd. Chico, where NVADG has set up an emergency shelter for so many animals displaced by this devastating fire.

On Tuesday, within a short period of time and the help of the Tehama County Probation Department, and the equipment and labor supplied, an emergency delivery from Walmart Distribution was facilitated so needed supplies could be sorted and transported to Salco Better Energy (530-210-2374) at 22807 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff and the Los Molinos VFW Hall (530-384-2759) at 7980 Sherwood Blvd., Los Molinos for those evacuees with pets who have come into Tehama County.

P.E.T.S. cannot THANK everyone who helped make this possible enough!!!! You deserve so much more than our mere words could ever express!

And for those in Tehama County that may be affected, below is some additional information –

Los Molinos VFW Hall- (530) 384-2759
7980 Sherwood Blvd., Los Molinos, CA 96055
Shelter, Food and Items available – Pets accepted
All camp fire victims – They are there for you 24 hours.
They have showers and a place to sleep. Please whoever is in need, come and get hot food and a shower. Trax maybe able to help you

Salco Better Energy - (530) 210-2374
22807 Antelope Blvd. Red Bluff – has many needed items if you’re displaced. As of Friday (11-16), they will be closing the center and will be bringing the remaining supplies to Butte County for those affected.

* Transportation - Anyone with a Paradise ID can ride TRAX for FREE – 
TRAX is a Fixed route bus service connecting Red Bluff, Corning, Los Molinos, Gerber, Tehama and places in between. City routes are available in Red Bluff and Corning, and regional routes are available along the Highway 99E & 99W corridors which connect to city routes.

Temporary camping allowed for a seven-day period for those with an ID showing an address in an evacuation zone. 
Mill Creek Park - off Tehama Vina Road in between Tehama and Los Molinos
Tehama County River Park - South Avenue near Woodson Bridge, east of Corning area.

*Schools and Education – Tehama Department of Education – 530-527-5811
Information to assist families that are in Tehama County as a result of the Camp Fire and to assist with transition between schools. Additionally, the video contains information on community resources that will assist families during this time.

 — with Kevin Benson Sr. and Tehama County Veterans Memorial Hall.


The Camp Fire

DAIRYVILLE Orchard Festival.

PETS was lonely.  NO shelter pets or Deserving Pets folks were available to hold adoption opportunityes.  But the weather was great and many conversations were had with very nice folks.  Thank you to the volunteers who manned the booth all day.

The final 2018 Tailgate giveaway is over.  Pictures provided show the assist given by the Tehama County Probation Dept, The PETS Board members and volunteers and finally the cats shown are off to be spayed or neutered thanks to the Diane McCorkle Endowment Fund for Spay and Neutering of Tehama County Dogs and Cats


Thank you


P.E.T.S. “Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter” wishes to acknowledge Nu-Way Market for helping to earn much needed funds for their cause.  This family run market at 8049 State Route 99E in Los Molinos, CA, sponsored the 3rd annual “Paws for the Cause” fundraiser. 

During the month of July, Paw-Prints were sold by Nu-Way checkers.  P.E.T.S. provided a Big Basket full of treats for whomever sold the most.  This year’s winner is, 2nd year in a row, Mary Jo Limas.  We congratulate Mary Jo and offer our deepest appreciation to all the others for working so hard:  Brittanie who came in 2nd, Sugey, Tory, Lupe, Shilo, Bernice, Garrett and others.  In addition we wish to thank Bo and Bill Patchen for making this all possible.  Nu-Way is a fully stocked market in the heart of Los Molinos with friendly folks to assist you and the shortest waiting lines around.  Nu-Way Market was named the Red Bluff Chamber’s “Best Business of the Quarter” in 2017. The Patchen brothers were also the Grand Marshals in the 2018 Los Molinos Parade. 

At the Kickoff of this event P.E.T.S. took this opportunity to meet and greet the public in Los Molinos and enjoyed sharing information about our programs that support the Tehama County Animal Care Center and benefit the families of Tehama County.  P.E.T.S. newest program, “Patriots and Pets” animal adoption program, allows any adopter who is on Active duty, on Reserve, or a Veteran of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, or Navy residing within Tehama County to be eligible for discounted adoption fees on dogs and cats adopted at the Tehama County Animal Care Center, by PETS paying the spay and neuter fees.  This newest program is possible due to the “Diane McCorkle Endowment Fund for Spay and Neutering of Tehama County Dogs and Cats”

 P.E.T.S. is a non-profit 501c3, dedicated to improving the welfare and creating public awareness of the abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in Tehama County. It is committed to assisting the Tehama County Animal Care Center in completing its mission of practicing and promoting responsible compassionate care to all animals, both in its care and in the community.

For more information, call 527-8702 or visit

Thank you Donna and Umpqua Bank!

On Friday, 5/19/18, P.E.T.S. gratefully accepted a generous donation from Los Molinos Umpqua Bank employees (Donna, Danielle, Celia and Megan).  Monies will be used for needful items and or services used by P.E.T.S. for the betterment of the stray animals of Tehama County and the Animal Care Center.  During the same presentation, Donna Wallan- owner of RockinW. Standard Poodles made a donation in honor of recently born poodle pups.   Shown here are Donna Wallan from Umpqua Bank and Sharon Russell (P.E.T.S. President) accepting the donation.  Along with Sharon is her newest adoptee “Harry” from the Tehama County Animal Care Center.  Harry had a wonderful time visiting with everyone at Umpqua.  Thanks to all at  Umpqua Bank for your generosity and pet friendliness.

Sgt. Stubby

A great big adoption event was held this year in April (Named for Sgt. Stubby). Included a look alike contest and the winner got the pictured basket.


The votes were counted.........and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER is.....

HOMER!!! Congratulations Homer and his proud Mom Ann !!!!

We had an amazing response to the contest, so a HUGE thank you to everyone that entered, liked, commented and shared the photo's of all the wonderful dogs entered!

For the Stubby Look-A-Like, P.E.T.S. wants the winner to have some fun too… so, there are Treats, Nudges, Chews, Chips and Balls to enjoy and a leash for going on those fun walks!

AND… For the family… Four (4) movie tickets to Prime Cinema !!!!

PLUS… for those movies you might enjoy at home… some Movie Candy (Milk Duds, Cracker Jack, Dots, Junior Mints, JujyFruit, Snow Caps, Sugar Babies, Good & Plenty, Raisinets, Whoppers) …of course movies aren’t complete unless there’s Popcorn (also Bucket, Popper, Holders and Napkins)

PLUS… there’s a little something for the adults in the house to relax with…

Transporters ALWAYS


Pictures of some cats headed to UC Davis for alters.  Thank you Sharon for driving.

Many friends of PETS had a great meal and Luigi's donated 10%.  Thanks to all and especially to Luigi's!

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