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The Link-the Connection between People and Animals and Preventing Violence

Every day we hear about violence in one form or another. Active shootings at public places and schools, family violence and that against the most vulnerable of our communities, elderly and children. When an animal is abused and there is neglect or cruelty involved, historically, it has not been connected to the violence one sees or experiences when it involves a human being. There is now a new philosophy and way of viewing this that addresses the “link” between violence against animals and other forms of human violence. Today, it is not a surprise for social service professionals to learn that when there has been one form of violence within the home that an animal has also been abused. A

IgoOno Roadsale 2019

The time had come. The Igo Ono Street Sale was rapidly approaching. It was time to clean out the barn. A much overdue chore, I might add. Twenty-two years of accumulating many wonderful relics – oh my! I looked in nooks – I checked all the crannies – then on to the loft. Soon, the trailer was loaded to the brim. Soooo...off I'll go early morning Saturday, June 22 nd to downtown Igo at the Igo School. 8:00AM – 1:00PM. Come buy a piece of the farm. Treasures include cages, antiques, collectibles, old shovels, large tables, sinks, jewelry, planters, pony carts, frames, Christmas items, and much much more (even the trailer will be sold). All proceeds from my booth will benefit the animals

Driving With Dogs 101: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy in the Car

Web Address with images: https://sellmax.com/pet-safety-in-the-car/ Despite the number of car commercials starring an obedient, window-gazing pup, driving with dogs is a serious source of anxiety for many pet owners. Dogs are naturally enthusiastic, active, and curious: traits that are likely to intensify when transferred to a moving, bumpy vehicle. Ideally, driving with your dog provides an opportunity to bond and explore - or to simply accomplish chores without leaving a squirrelly pup ho me alone. Whatever your reasons, the following ideas prioritize the safety of both you and your dog as you travel to your next destination. Common Types of Car Restraints for Dogs: CONTENTS 1.Common

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