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First things first. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I really hate ticks – almost as much as I hate fleas, and I really really hate fleas.....Ticks are not just annoying creatures. They are evil, blood sucking tenacious, disgusting creepy parasites. Are you getting the picture? Well, then, on to tick trivia... There are over 825 species of ticks in the world. Now that's comforting news. They have 8 legs and a hard, flat, shiny body. The tick has 4 life stages: egg, larva, nymph and adult. Females hop on your pal as he passes by and takes a “blood feast”. She enlarges to what looks like a fat bean, falls off, and then lays 3000-5000 eggs that will hatch in 1-2 months – just peachy! Males

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