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FLEA FACTS AND HOME REMEDIES By Chic Miller Let me start by making one thing clear – I HATE fleas. No one hates them more than I do. I spend much of my spring and summer spraying, powdering, and bathing my ”family” to prevent these dreaded little beasts from becoming unwanted guests at Bella Vista Farms. Did I mention that I HATE fleas? A flea is an evil, wingless, brown or black small blood sucking insect with three pairs of elastic powerful jointed legs. They never tire, easily jumping 10,000 times in succession without stopping, the length of three football fields. The flea’s body is flat laterally and higher than it is wide, so that it can move quickly through fur. They are aggressive an


Anyone that knows me, or has come within 20 yards of me, will have heard my very strong opinion on the importance of spaying or neutering your family pet. If you believe the myth that having just one litter “so that your child can experience the miracle of birth”, you should first watch the heartbreak of euthanasia due to overpopulation. Thousands of unwanted, homeless and stray puppies and kittens are born in the US yearly. Those who do not find homes are taken to already overcrowded shelters. Some are dumped and left to wander, becoming prey to wildlife or automobiles. Some just starve to death. Not a pretty picture! Some think that altering your family pet is too expensive, but it is a sm


Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary is located 14 miles west of Cottonwood and 6 miles from Igo, on Lower Gas Point Road. The farm originated in Bella Vista in 1989, thus the name Bella Vista Farms. In 1997, the farm moved, growing from 4 to 45 acres. In 2000 we became a licensed animal sanctuary and also became licensed with the USDA. Bella Vista Farms is a 501(c)(3). Several hundred abused, abandoned, orphaned and unwanted animals call Bella Vista Farms home. Each has a name and each has a story. I was a nurse for 25 years and Bob was a business owner. I do much of the medical care and Bob tends to many of the responsibilities of keeping the farm flowing. For me, days include feeding, brush

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This blog is an open forum for animal loving enthusiasts to share gleaned knowledge, loving memories, opinions and much much more. If you want to share information or know someone who writes about animals (Fiction is OK as well)- please tell them about our Blog. Please note: P.E.T.S. is the overall arbeiter of what is published in this blog. We do not intend to publish negative or inflammatory posts or any post deemed unacceptable. To submit articles for approval and use in this Blog, please email www.petstehama@gmail.com. We will notify you with any requested edits and or an approximate date of publishing. Over the near future our "first" bloggers are Bob and Chic from Bella Vista Farms

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