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Spay/Neuter voucher distribution date/time: 11-21-21, 8-9 am


Due to Vet booking issues, Only 100 vouchers will be handed out!
1830 Walnut (The animal shelter) parking lot.            3 vouchers maximum         1st come first serve


North State Giving Tuesday is coming!!!

This year, End the Itch and Make a wish!

Fundraising can be fun!

Check our newest way for PETS friends to help us help them!

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Fundraising can be fun!  Sign up here...
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We are so pleased with this recent great write up by Claudia Mosby of the October Enjoy Magazine.  Click the pic to read the article!

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Rotary Presentation October 19th

From Left to right:

Ev McDonough(PETS)

Sally Conry (PETS)

Vicki Stroud(Rotary)

Clarissa Ortner(PETS)

Sharon Russell(PETS)

Stephen Frey(PETS)

Julie Sisneros(PETS)

PETS presented to the Rotary what we do, who does what, and who we are.  Was a lovely lunch and learning experience for all.

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October 8th was a great night.  PETS decorated the table for the Cornerstone bank.

We shared who we thought our heros from the PETS world are: Including our local veterinarians, our shelter staff, UC Davis and more.....

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How you can help us help them!  For Free!

By signing up with one or more of these generous sites, each time you shop, they give.  And PETS wins!

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Kitty centered special events on hold due to Covid

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Free Cat Friday
(Temporarily on hold)


 RBDN Articles

(and PETS in the News)

(2013 to now )  (Click below)


Volunteer: It's FUN!
We are eager to have people join us in our quest.  Contact us and lets make a deal.....
Welcome Sally Conroy as our newest volunteer)


Adoption Programs

Learn more about our very special programs and opportunities
Spay & Neuter Vouchers
Patriots and Pets
Senior for a Senior
Seniors Rock
Police & Firefighters
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Everyone benefits by a membership with PETS.


Shelter Residents in the SPOTLIGHT

Visit or inquire at TCACC -  Tehama County Animal Care Center /  530.527.3439.

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 Some pets get adopted and some get rescued!   P.E.T.S. and The Tehama County Animal Care Center are so very grateful to all of the rescues that help these boys and girls find homes, get them the exposure they need and make all important room for the next ones to follow them into the center, we cannot thank you enough!

Georgia will be living with her foster dad from now on!
Emmie went to rescue!
Bugsy is still waiting for her furever family at the shelter!

Animals come back. 


It happens. 
But it is a sad time for everyone. 


The family that had to return the pet is disappointed, especially the kids.


The shelter staff is sorry to see a pup come back after all the work. 


The pup is sad & confused because for a short second they had a home to call their own.  


BUT - it can't be helped sometimes.  


The dogs are mostly an unknown quantity when they come in! 


Were they an outdoor dog and don't know you cannot pee in the house?


Maybe they were never taught to be gentle with cats or kids or chickens?  


Were they abused,  starved, ignored, all of which can lead to problems in the long run.  

The most important thing is to give it time, as much as you can.  Safety first for all, of course. 


Read about each of these very special dogs & their specific needs on the shelter site!


It will take just the right person/family & circumstances.  But it will happen!

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