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Spay/Neuter voucher distribution date/time: 10-16-2022, 8-9 am

ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Spay Neuter/Voucher distributions

Although there WILL be a voucher giveaway on October 16th (Sunday), there will be NOT be any more voucher handouts this year (Nov & Dec are cancelled)


· We need to give our participating veterinarians time to catch up

· The change to having appointments before distribution is working very well

· Thanksgiving and Christmas have left the PETS team stretched to the limit

If you do get an appointment before the Jan 15th 2023 distribution date, contact us at www.petstehama@gmail.com">www.petstehama@gmail.com with your contact info to arrange a pick up.

We will post updates and restart up voucher giveaways in January.

Please remember-

Please make your appointment(s) at any of the participating veterinarians*before requesting a voucher. (1 pet per voucher) No maximum.

IF YOUR APPOINTMENT IS BEFORE JANUARY 15TH 2023, contact us at www.petstehama@gmail.com">www.petstehama@gmail.com

Leave the following info: Your Name, Which Vet, Date or dates of spay/neuter appointment(s) and how to contact you to arrange pick up.


*Participating VETS (More coming soon)

· Mill Creek Vet in Los Molinos, 530-384-1700

· Walker Street Vet in Orland, 530-865-3630

· Butte Humane in Chico, 530-343-7917 (Requires pre payment at time of appointment)

Notice 1 

PETS &  local veterinarians using PETS vouchers reserve the right to refuse service to any past present or future client for rudeness, non payment, pet abandonment, abuse or "no shows".

Notice 2

Replacement vouchers due to loss, will be supplied for a $1 charge, payable to PETS.

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PETS likes to participate in local goings on to help share our mission. This is Sharon Russel with Sean Rix - State Farm Insurance Agent and 6 others at the August morning meet up. Location: Red Bluff Ace Hardware (Red Bluff, CA). PETS also offers up free raffle baskets and look who won: Caitlin, Recycling Coordinator for Tehama County, is the winner of the P.E.T.S. basket at the Chamber’s Good Morning Red Bluff for August.


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Bre Hope-Winning and Patricia Kelley-Wesley are 1st & 2nd winners of the incentive baskets.  The earned the most monies towards Pawprint sales (though all the checkers did a GREAT job!


Nu-Way Market* (in Los Molinos) & P.E.T.S.(Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter) are celebrating their 7th year of the selling Paw Prints in support the Tehama County Animal Shelter!.   From July 8th through the 31st purchase a Paw Print at any Nu-Way check stand in support, ($1 or $5) it’s easy.  And again this year, each $5 Paw Print is an automatic entry to win a hand crafted quilt made especially for PETS with a DOG Theme.  Thanks to Sandra Merhoff


Support of Paw Print sales helps to improve life for the homeless, neglected, and abused animals of Tehama County.  P.E.T.S. objective is that whatever the shelter may need they get.  Anything to get and keep the animals healthy and adopted into a loving home!


We always reward the top selling supermarket checkers with great big baskets or goodies.  Those baskets will be on display in Nu-Way all month.


PETS members will be at Nu-Way Friday the 9t,h from 9am till 3pm to kick off this very special month.  Stop by on your way into the store and get a FREE raffle ticket for a great big gift basket.  Use this opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and find out who we are and how you can help.  Questions can be sent to petstehama@gmail.com


*Nu-Way-     8049 Golden State Hwy, Los Molinos, CA 96055

  PETS            PO Box 1174, Red Bluff, CA 96080

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Every $5 PawPrint is an automatic entry to possibly win this sweet "dog centric" quilt....

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Bre basket winner.JPG
Bre from NuWay won the Kick off day giveaway basket.  It was bigger than she was...
Mid Month picture of the PawPrints.  The checkers are really "kickin it".  2 weeks to go until it's over and someone wins the quilt.  See you on 7/31
Color us grateful
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North State Professionals Network-

What an inspiring group!

P.E.T.S. is just THRILLED to receive a very generous donation from this wonderful group of North State Professionals. We gratefully accepted the check at Prime Lending from Jody Bartley on Wed, July 20th. Along with Jody, a group of NSPS members were there to mix with us P.E.T.S. people and to learn even more about what we do for the shelter and beyond. We met with Colleen Tobin, Robin Fleming, Barbara Dancel, Cody Marshall along with Heather & Nathan Smith. These folks represent local businesses involved with Insurance, Lending, Real Estate, Web Design and more. Their Facebook page can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/NSPNRBCA. Do check them out. Their members represent a big cross section of NorthState businesses and are a great touch stone if you need one of their services. Color us grateful.  Pictured with the NSPN are Sharon Russel and Clarissa Ortner from P.E.T.S.

PETS has been asked of late how to facilitate dedications to loved ones and or special pets.
Click Here is the link to how to donate with an associated dedication.
Here is the link to the dedications page.
We thank everyone for thinking of the animals as a final thoughtful gift.

How you can help us help them!  For Free!

By signing up with one or more of these generous sites, each time you shop, they give.  And PETS wins!

Click any of them and see how it works.  Thank you

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Kitty centered special events on hold due to Staffing issues
(Click here to learn more about vouchers).


Free Cat Friday
(Temporarily on hold)


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Volunteer: It's FUN!
We are eager to have people join us in our quest.  Contact us and lets make a deal.....


Adoption Programs

Learn more about our very special programs and opportunities
Spay & Neuter Vouchers
Patriots and Pets
Senior for a Senior
Seniors Rock
Police & Firefighters
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Everyone benefits by a membership with PETS.


Shelter Residents in the SPOTLIGHT

Visit or inquire at TCACC -  Tehama County Animal Care Center /  530.527.3439.

🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

 Some pets get adopted and some get rescued!   P.E.T.S. and The Tehama County Animal Care Center are so very grateful to all of the rescues that help these boys and girls find homes, get them the exposure they need and make all important room for the next ones to follow them into the center, we cannot thank you enough!

Poor Anderson has been at the shelter since MARCH!!!!!

Macaroon was adopted..

Meet Anderson

Meet Anderson! This sweet boy loves to cuddle up on a bed and relax all afternoon. He is a 8 year old neutered German Shepherd mix that is looking for a foster home. Anderson is heartworm positive and will be starting treatment soon. Anderson really is the perfect gentleman! This senior sweetheart is still looking for a foster home. He just received his first heartworm treatment and should be heartworm free in a few months. We would really love to find a family to love him during this process. Anderson is people obsessed, well behaved, and is more interested in attention than treats. Anderson is a little grumpy when it comes to other dogs stealing his attention, and would be happiest as the only dog in the home.

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