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Spay/Neuter voucher distribution date/time: 11-21-21, 8-9 am

Attention (no December distribution)

Due to Vet booking issues, Only 100 vouchers will be handed out!
1830 Walnut (The animal shelter) parking lot.            3 vouchers maximum         1st come first serve


North State Giving Tuesday is coming!!!

This year, End the Itch and Make a wish!

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Some of thses Shelter tenants are still waiting at the shelter for either an adoption, a rescue or for their families to find them. 

Go to the
Shelter site and learn what's up at the shelter anytime. 

In the mean time.  Do consider stopping by the
North State Giving Tuesday site to learn more about PETS and maybe consider a donation? 

Help us help them....

Kenneled dogs with no known flea protection upon incoming can be a big problem. Often dogs are double and tripled up in the shelters small kennels. When they do not have the proper flea treatment a topical will be applied. Simparica is the shelters first best choice to treat incoming dogs. it is faster and treats more than the average flea treatment. But it is pricey and our county shelter does not have the resources. So let’s band together and get them some so the rest of the kennel is not put at risk of an outbreak.

P.E.T.S. “End the Itch” North State Giving campaign is concentrating, in part, on getting the shelter Simparica for as many pups as possible in 2022. Your donations can make that happen. Mark your calendars for Nov 30th (though early giving starts the 16th). Just go to the North State Gives site to check us out anytime. WE ARE P.E.T.S.


Read what Homeless Homer has to say about this years North State Giving event...                             Just click on Homer...

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P.E.T.S. with your help "wishes" to grant the shelter what it needs to perform it's tasks to the best of its ability. Let us band together to help them help the animals and future adoptive families. (And not to be forgotten, all the lost dogs and cats that travel through the shelter on their way back home.)

Help us to get them what they need and we will make sure they get it all as soon as possible. These 5 items come to about $750. Not so much if we band together. 

To participate with us in North State Giving Tuesday. Remember on Nov 30th, travel to https://www.northstategives.org/

Enter P.E.T.S. Read all about us and who we are (if you don’t already know). Then, please do consider a donation to “Make a Wish” for the shelter pups & kitties…..

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The only way to prevent infestation of a shelter doggie population is to practice strict flea control as they come in. There are many products available to prevent and treat flea infestations most of which are very similar..  The Tehama Shelter uses what ever is donated and from their Amazon wish list: Advantage.  HOWEVER:  The shelter prefers Simparica. 

Advantage & other products are extremely effective treatments and the differences between them are negligible.  Simparica kills an additional tick species and is relatively faster in eliminating fleas and ticks.  Speed is important in a shelter to save the individual animal and keep from contaminating all the animals.  It is highly preferred.

This year our “End the Itch” North State Giving campaign is concentrating on getting the shelter Simperica for as many pups as possible in 2022.  Your donations can make that happen.  Mark your calendars for Nov 30th (though early giving starts the 16th).  Just go to https://www.northstategives.org/ to check us out anytime.  WE ARE P.E.T.S.

Fundraising can be fun!

Check our newest way for PETS friends to help us help them!

Read more:Click that cute face!
Fundraising can be fun!  Sign up here...
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We are so pleased with this recent great write up by Claudia Mosby of the October Enjoy Magazine.  Click the pic to read the article!

Read online: 


Statistics can be dry-

What statistics

represent can be very enlightening.  The shelter is transparent with their stats (See their stats here: Stats)

P.E.T.S. also wants our supporters to know what we have to show for the hard won dollars used to support the shelter any way we can  For more on the specific programs see: https://www.petstehama.org/programs


Rotary Presentation October 19th

From Left to right:

Ev McDonough(PETS)

Sally Conry (PETS)

Vicki Stroud(Rotary)

Clarissa Ortner(PETS)

Sharon Russell(PETS)

Stephen Frey(PETS)

Julie Sisneros(PETS)

PETS presented to the Rotary what we do, who does what, and who we are.  Was a lovely lunch and learning experience for all.


How you can help us help them!  For Free!

By signing up with one or more of these generous sites, each time you shop, they give.  And PETS wins!

Click any of them and see how it works.  Thank you

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Kitty centered special events on hold due to Covid

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Free Cat Friday
(Temporarily on hold)


 RBDN Articles

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Volunteer: It's FUN!
We are eager to have people join us in our quest.  Contact us and lets make a deal.....
Welcome Sally Conroy as our newest volunteer)


Adoption Programs

Learn more about our very special programs and opportunities
Spay & Neuter Vouchers
Patriots and Pets
Senior for a Senior
Seniors Rock
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Everyone benefits by a membership with PETS.


Shelter Residents in the SPOTLIGHT

Visit or inquire at TCACC -  Tehama County Animal Care Center /  530.527.3439.

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 Some pets get adopted and some get rescued!   P.E.T.S. and The Tehama County Animal Care Center are so very grateful to all of the rescues that help these boys and girls find homes, get them the exposure they need and make all important room for the next ones to follow them into the center, we cannot thank you enough!

Meet Suzette 

Labrador Retriever & Pit Bull Terrier Mix  Red Bluff, CA

  • Adult

  •  Female

  •  Large

  •  Black


Vaccinations up to date.



Petfinder recommends that you should always take reasonable security steps before making online payments.

Meet Suzette

Suzette is approximately 6 years old and heartworm negative


Stetson was adopted

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