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Spay/Neuter voucher distribution date/time: 02-19-2023, 8-9 am


Overview of P.E.T.S. Voucher guidelines

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People can now visit the shelter 7 days a week to pick a new pet, find a lost pet or conduct business 


Keep in mind that since every day is considered a business day, pets picked up as a stray will end up on the adoption floor that much sooner.  So if you pet is astray, make sure to keep a CLOSE EYE on the Shelter Website as a part of your process to located them.

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This January the Shelter is VERY full.

Please let your friends know that now is the time to adopt or FOSTER!

We need you all to help keep all these special pups happy, healthy and adoptable..... Fostering helps to socialize, teach manners, keep them from getting stressed due to noise or overcrowding and much more.

Check out the shelter website for more info on each dog, also sign up or read about fostering and much more great information.


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Home for the Holiday Adopted Cats:

Buddy A51614121

Grayson A51700106

Brayden A51697060

Ella A51697064

Devon A51707299

Conrad A51707293

Ava A51700111

To all the adopters out there: THANK YOU!

Home for the Holidays is over for 2022. But there are still many wonderful dogs and cats waiting. In the meantime. See the grand total for this years event: Dogs-14, Cat 7!

New critters come in almost every day, the shelter is at capacity still. Keep an eye out on the strays at incoming: Presently 11 dogs and 1 cat.


Home for the Holiday Adopted Dogs:

Kramer A51389588

Nadia A49065094

Ronaldo A51665367

Frank A51693038

Taylor A50872600

Darwin A51614142

Skylar A51015816

Jenny A51656295

Eleanor ` A51564858

Venus A51576918

Melman A51118769

Smith A51620377

Marshmallow A50875427

Benjamin A51602223

A big THANK YOU is owed!!!

Thanks go out to the Wilcox Women's Golf Association as a part of their charity golf tournament in November. P.E,T.S. was given dog/cat food, kitty litter, a puppy bed , kitty toys and lots of towels (the shelter always can use towels). These items have been delivered to the Tehama Shelter with the help of the pictured "special helper". Note: the dog & cat food will be distributed as part of the Animal Care Centers "community pantry". A wonderful service the center provides to help folks when needed.

In addition to these useful items, a generous donation was raised for P.E.T.S.

Thank you to Wilcox Golf, you are the best!


Making clean up easier...

Today P.E.T.S. delivered 2 new heavy duty hose reels to the Tehama County Animal Shelter. What ever it takes to make life easier for the staff. They need to care for the animals as best they can, and if this helps, P.E.T.S. will deliver Once again, we thank our members and supporters for their donations to help us meet the needs of the shelter!


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Meet our newest sponsers at -
Born ToughViking Bags    
Because everyone loves animals!

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How you can help us help them!  For Free!

By signing up with one or more of these generous sites, each time you shop, they give.  And PETS wins!

Click any of them and see how it works.  Thank you

PETS has been asked of late how to facilitate dedications to loved ones and or special pets.
Click Here is the link to how to donate with an associated dedication.
Here is the link to the dedications page.
We thank everyone for thinking of the animals as a final thoughtful gift.
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Kitty centered special events on hold due to Staffing issues
(Click here to learn more about vouchers).


Free Cat Friday
(Temporarily on hold)


 RBDN Articles
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Volunteer: It's FUN!
We are eager to have people join us in our quest.  Contact us and lets make a deal.....


Adoption Programs

Learn more about our very special programs and opportunities
Spay & Neuter Vouchers
Patriots and Pets
Senior for a Senior
Seniors Rock
Police & Firefighters
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Everyone benefits by a membership with PETS.


Shelter Residents in the SPOTLIGHT

Visit or inquire at TCACC -  Tehama County Animal Care Center /  530.527.3439.

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 Some pets get adopted and some get rescued!   P.E.T.S. and The Tehama County Animal Care Center are so very grateful to all of the rescues that help these boys and girls find homes, get them the exposure they need and make all important room for the next ones to follow them into the center, we cannot thank you enough!

Poor Anderson has been at the shelter since MARCH 2022   !!!!!

Macaroon was adopted..

Meet Anderson

The shelters longest resident!-  Since: 3/24/2022

Meet Anderson! This sweet boy loves to cuddle up on a bed and relax all afternoon. He is a 8 year old neutered German Shepherd mix that is looking for a foster home. Anderson is heartworm positive and will be starting treatment soon. Anderson really is the perfect gentleman! This senior sweetheart is still looking for a foster home. He just received his first heartworm treatment and should be heartworm free in a few months. We would really love to find a family to love him during this process. Anderson is people obsessed, well behaved, and is more interested in attention than treats. Anderson is a little grumpy when it comes to other dogs stealing his attention, and would be happiest as the only dog in the home.

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